'Pro-Study is a fantastic piece of software that really fills a need many students have.  Students can find it difficult to keep the research for their various assignments organised, particularly to keep track of which snippets of a longer piece of research are actually useful to their assignment.  Pro-Study not only helps them to select these snippets, but to assign them to categories which then feed into their assignment plan.  A common problem for students is keeping track of where the information they are using has come from, which is particularly important for referencing purposes, so the function of Pro-Study that keeps track of their sources is very useful.  Here at Leeds Beckett University Library we have a site licence for Pro-Study allowing us to install it on all on-campus student computers as well as giving access to staff, who of course may also benefit from using the software both to support students as well as for their own work and research.'

- Sue Smith – Learning Support Office, Leeds Beckett University

 'I think Pro-Study would be a very use tool in ALL student's lockers, less stress when it comes to having to look back through websites, books and journals.'

- Charles Lee Isherwood - Student

'I’ve got pro-study working and it’s amazing! I have been able to organise all my work so much so I was able to write an assignment today. It has made me so much more efficient by being able to search within the document for my content. What a brilliant tool. Thank you!'

- Claire Aydogan, Head of Student and Graduate Futures, Student Services 

'Pro-Study is wonderfully simple to use, and saves so much time organising my references for me.' 

-Emily Brown - Student

'I instantly appreciated how useful it would be to students with a range of condition related difficulties and so would have most certainly have recommended it for most of the 70 students that I’ve assessed since that time.'

- Anonymous - Assessor

'Pro-Study really is the most useful thing available right now. It has taken half the stress away of planning and writing essays. I can now have everything I need there for me, structured ready at the click of a button and my bibliography ready made!' - Molly Mesher - Student