Pro-Study Assist

Pro-Study Assist (App) is an extension of Pro-Study (Computer Version) enabling you to also use your Smart Phone and/or Tablet to quickly collect, organise and access your research in more places.

You can use Pro-Study Assist to easily collect important information from multiple sources and store it all in the colour coded categories within your Pro-Study projects. Pro-Study Assist, like Pro-Study, also gives you a powerful OCR tool and access to over 27 million book references by simply scanning a barcode. All your Pro-Study projects will be synced with the cloud and can therefore be accessed across multiple devices and your computer. Pro-Study Assist allows you to capture research on the go, whilst keeping your research safe and organised.

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With its inbuilt Web-Browser you are able to highlight and capture information directly from Web-Sources and save the information to your chosen Pro-Study colour coded category. This feature will also automatically capture any reference information available.

Online PDFs

Highlight and capture information from online PDFs and save the information directly to your chosen Pro-Study colour coded category.

Upload Images

Upload images from your phone or tablet and save them directly to your chosen Pro-Study colour coded category.


Use the camera on your phone or tablet to take pictures and save them directly to your chosen Pro-Study colour coded category.
You could use the camera to  take pictures of text and graphs from textbooks, save images from the whiteboard in lectures and to take pictures of your notes.

Barcode Scanning and Reference Information

You can use the camera again to scan the barcode of a book to access and save the reference information from over 27 million books.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Pro-Study Assist comes with a powerful OCR feature so you can convert pictures of text into editable text.


All the saved information will be synced between the Pro-Study Assist App and the Desktop Version of Pro-Study so all your priceless research is never too far away.


To gain access to Pro-Study Assist you will need a Pro-Study username and password. If you haven't already got one please head over to the REGISTER page of the website and fill out the registration form. This will give you instance access.