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Pro-Study Toolbar

The Pro-Study toolbar sits across the top of your screen allowing you to access all of the Pro-Study features and your colour coded categories.

V4 Toolbar

Capture Text

Use our one click save system to quickly save any text from Websites, PDFs and Word documents. Simply highlight the text and click on one of your categories. This will also automatically save the text, a hyperlink back to the original source and all the reference information it can find.

Capturig text from Websites


The snapshot feature allows you to capture images such as graphs, charts and text on screen.

new snapshot window


The webcam capture tool allows you to take snapshots of text and images from books. 

Webcam capture window capture           


The in-built OCR feature, allows you to make inaccessible text accessible so you can edit it, particularly helpful for online e-books and scanned documents. 

New OCR Window

Preview Window

The Preview Window gives you access to all of your collected information which also includes hyperlinks back to the original source as well as titles, timestamps and file icons. Here you can edit your database, delete or move captures and add comments to them.

Preview icons


Export all or some of your information into Microsoft Word

Export to Cloud

or the Pro-Study Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Cloud Platforms